about Kiss


The inspiration behind this sculpture has been with me for a long time and has appeared less overtly in some of my other works, paintings etc.  With this piece I wanted to try and capture the power and intensity of passion between two men. I find much of the current homoerotic art is often quite brutal and aggressive and I wanted a sense of equality and tenderness to be present between the two lovers. It is more difficult to do this in bronze I think than in a painting, though there is always that aspect of being able to touch and interact with a sculpture that you can’t do with a painting and I really appreciate that about the medium.

I have done the men standing on pink triangles both as a political reminder of the bitter past, but also as a symbol that their love is no longer controlled by law or government, at least not in this country( New Zealand). But they still stand apart because in my experience for same sex partners, generally it is still safer that physical expressions of affection remain out of public view.

I hope their sexual arousal evokes a visceral response in the viewer and conveys the raw passion they experience. I suppose in some ways it is an open statement of aspects of my private world.


Kiss, Patinated bronze, Edition of 1, 450mm x 450mm x 500mm