Artist statement


 All of my life I  have  been pushed and driven by  a somewhat  hyper-active  mind, with thoughts and imaginations of everyday things often sensed in abstract forms and colours. It was when I began painting years ago that I was able to experience some relief from the pressures of these wild imaginings.  Later when I discovered sculpting I was able to express myself  in new ways that were extremely satisfying to my soul, as I  explored the intricate processes of using glass and bronze.

My works, in general have a subtle connections across the mediums I use. As I work on a painting or sculpture, it becomes a part of a story that started a long time ago and which continues to unfold before me, and every little detail becomes an important part of that story. The emotions are important in my work because I have always been driven by my emotions.  I value feelings of intense joy and happiness as much as the painful feelings of sadness and loss.
I hope that my art will make the observer smile, laugh or question and most of all, feel.





Artnews New Zealand Winter 2012