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Men Looking

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...a dream....a spoken phrase

often sparks an idea. Sometimes it gets to a sketch, more often than not it swims in the over active mind of mine, visualising, placing the yet to be complete work,

lying awake at night pondering how, when but NEVER why.

Then there is the melting, pouring, carving, fumes, doubt, 'buggars', belief, sweat, moulding, steaming, burning (ouch!!!) frustration, excitment, time (lack of), firing, grinding, belief (again), sanding, couriering, sandblasting, acid etching, recieving and oh the excitment yet again and again....

the result

Something I am proud to sign,show and of course sell

Welcome to my site.

It has been a busy year, movng cities and re-establishing my studio in Waikanae, north of Wellington.

The site has, sadly being neglected, however I are in the process of getting it updated.

New works are and have been produced.

Feel free to contact me regarding works or studio visit

or keep informed with an occasional newsletter